A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

IO Interloper is an immersive sim hacking game set in a near-future world where corporations are almost invincible to anyone but each other.

Your goal is to infiltrate an office building and steal valuable company secrets -- all from behind a computer terminal thousands of miles away. Fly drones, peer through security cameras, invade secure databases, and log out without a trace. Your clients are depending on you.

This is a very early demo. Feedback is welcome, but please take bugs with a grain of salt!

Thanks for playing.

If you want to keep up with progress as the game is developed, you can:

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(71 total ratings)
Made withIndieCade
TagsCrime, Cyberpunk, espionage, Hacking, Unity


IO Interloper [pre-alpha demo] [pc].zip 71 MB
IO Interloper [pre-alpha demo] [mac].zip 75 MB

Install instructions

Extract the .zip file and run.

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Excellent game



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Great hacking game


please update!!

i need the drones to work

you have to find the password then once you click the drone and enter said password, you will get a control panel, use the cameras to watch the drone as you control it with the panel

please help me the drones dont work

the drones dont work


The game was fun! However,  I would really appreciate if the player could choose font size, or just make the font bigger. It was really difficult for me to read.


Noted! Thanks for the feedback.

I this game going to be finished anytime soon?


Not in the foreseeable future, sorry! We've moved on to more achievable projects for the time being. I hope we can come back to it, though!

How far can a person get in the game as it is right now?

Great fun, can you please give the minimise button and actual function? I don't know if I'm missing something here but when I minimised my notepad I couldn't get it back. had to restart the game.

Oh no, I haven't seen that before! The minimize button should move windows to your taskbar. Sorry about that!

for some reason, I can't get passed the very first problem. What is the usage for the "phreak" command?

it's for hacking into phone numbers. for instance "phreak(###########)"


A+ game!  Really fun!

One of the best games!


this is the BEST hacking game ive ever played. multi layered and totally entertaining. 

the cup on the one sticky note... genius!



Really awesome, just wish there were more levels! Would be cool if there was like a "hard mode" where if people see the drone, it gets taken down; just a thought to make it more realistic and more tense than it already is. Really rewarding to complete.


Just found and finished this, was a great experience. 

I have to say that the only thing that really disappointed me about this though, was that there just wasn't enough! Flesh it out with maybe a dozen missions or so with increasing complexity for the full version and I'll defo drop some money on this. Really nice work! 

p.s. I signed up for your newsletter


Just finished it and that was very impressive. It was a nice mix of hacking and 'action'. I'm not sure if there was multiple ways to complete the mission, but there's definitely room in the design for multiple methods and play styles. Looking forward to a full release of this game.

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I recently discovered this game and I'll be honest, this is one of the best games on this website. I hope that developers are still working on it to give us full fledged game. I WANTED MORE GODDAMIT. But for real, this was a lot of fun. You already have great mechanics and now you need a good story and BOOM. Wish you luck.

P.S. Love the logo.


Really interesting mechanics with having to both type+Search through Smello-Corp's computer systems and the employees phones, while actually going into the cameras and seeing your target.  The full game of this I can already see to be super fun. Sometimes I wished there was a little more coding, not too much, just a little bit more to get to the target. Also, once I got to the target, I couldn't quite figure out how to bypass the drone security measures. Other than that, Great Game!

That was an awesome game! I had a little issue with a couple doors, but over all, it was a really well finished one, despite just being a demo. I'd love to have maybe options to say on the chat function, or maybe more missions to accept from different people that you can choose from. But this game is already pretty much a finished game - it's one of the best I've found on Itch so far. Well done on it! 

Very nice game, I look forward to the full version. One problem though: the game is very laggy for me.


Any chance to get it on Linux too ?

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Such a GREAT game! I really want more of this. This game is like watchdogs 2but without that fancy fake hacking stuff. I didn't say that the devs copied Watchdogs2 I'm saying that this game has a lot of things that it needs. [SPOILER]--> It's a real challenge trying to find all the codes and guiding the drones with security cameras. All the other hacking sim I played is just 100% code or 100% shooting. This game has the perfect balance. I really need part 2 maybe with more commands and machines. I finished the game using the conference room's window because couldn't find the code for the maintenance door. I really want to know how to get it.


Really loved this one. It completely nails the vibe of corporate espionage hacker through it's presentation, music, and most importantly the gameplay.  Giving you just enough commands, and always building on what you can do with them, creates a real sense of progression through it's 45+ minutes.  If you are scrolling through the comments looking to see if you should play this:

You should. 


Played the game, loved the game! it's one of the best if not THE best hacking game that I've ever played! If only I had more time to actually finish it :P


this is one of the best hacking experiences I have ever had, and by far one of the best games I have played on itch.io good work.

I agree completely. It's a good mix of challenging and immersive


This is the best game I have played in a long time and that isn't exaggerating. I've always wanted to play a game like this but I couldn't find one that got it right, I finally found one and I am super happy about it.

The typical problem when people try to make games like this is that they leave too much to repeat over and over and it gets tedious and boring but this game did it perfectly and I seemed to gain progress quite often (but not too often so that's also good) and the first time I grabbed that suitcase it filled me with so much adrenaline and it was amazing :D

I really really want to see more added to this game since it was just an utter amazing experience (Something I don't say too often)

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hey fantastic!  this was such an interesting game! i really enjoyed it,  thanks for your work. one thing that I found myself trying to do was to resize windows so that I could configure my screen. i found that some windows had a little triangle in the corner to resize, but it would have been nice if all windows could be resized and if you could drag any side of a window to resize it. i will also say that i appreciate you respecting the intelligence of the player and not directly spelling out everything that you have to do. that seems more and more common in games and it really bothers me. i might even go so far as to not have objectives in bright yellow to allow the player to discover things on their own, although i may hold the minority opinion on that matter. you left me wanting to play more! great work and thank you, i hope to be able to play some more soon! 

also nice work on the music! it really helped to define the mood of the game. 

Amazingly done!!

A really nice, interesting game! Well done!

fking awesome

my favourite game on itch io so far

immersive experience

great gameplay flow

a bit laggy but thats fine


holy shit. that was one of the best games i've ever played



Great game. Played it and finished it in 30-40 minutes. This is honestly one of my favorite hacking simulator games, It was so enjoyable and having to figure out how to get to the goal without getting caught, finding passwords, It was all so fun. I will be looking forward to the full version of the game.

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Heck yeah! so glad you liked it. make sure to sign up for the newsletter if you want updates about the full release!


so so so cool
extremely excited to play more!!


This game is dope.  Original, engrossing, FUN!  Can't wait for the full release!


Really, really good. I love the way you have to use security cameras to awkwardly pilot the drone around

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This is really really good :)

I got absolutely stumped twice, both times because I failed to see/follow up on a clue... but I managed it in the end and it was really enjoyable.

Am I supposed to be able to use a drone to pick up/knock over the cup that's placed on the note in the reception area? I tried for so long... I ended up brute forcing the first two digits of maintenance panel 2, which was less than fun.

And I couldn't find anything interesting in the closet (would be funny to bring some lamps to Milford, he wants more lamps!)

So yeah I spent way too much time playing this, but I loved it :D

Oof, sorry you had to bruteforce that -- you should be able to knock the cup over. I'll look into it and see if there's a physics issue. thanks so much for playing!


At first it took me a moment to figure out how to play the game. Would have been nice to kind of been guided how to do a small example. (i guess i'm not a great hacker!) After fiddling with it for awhile I managed to figure it out. It's really fun makes you feel like a hacker and, you are doing criminal things. XD

Amazing game, very enjoyable love these types of games would play again :)

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add a music option so i can play spotify

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