A downloadable game for Windows

An FPS without blind spots.
Made for the 2018 Game Maker's Toolkit Jam.

This game has a 360-degree field of view! That means that the middle of the screen is forward, the middle-left and middle-right are directly to your left & right, and the edges are actually right behind you. Play around a little and you'll get the hang of it pretty quickly. Enjoy!

Move: WASD
Look: Mouse
Shoot: Left Click

Hint: Try to shoot both of the twins at once.

Ben Caulkins @NoCronk
Sam Suite @sam_suite

Our studio: DANG!

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)


ARGUS [pc].zip 96 MB


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Didn't play long enough to get the hang of it, never got past the second wave. Definitely a brain-twister, phew. Leaves one wondering what more could be done with that kind of idea.

Cool and mind-bending at the same time.


This is an excellent idea and I'd love to see this concept explored in a setting that isn't so frantic and unforgiving. For a jam game it's absolutely great of course, I just wonder what else could be done with this idea (maybe a puzzle game of sorts, or something else?)...

(I was expecting to get motion sickness but no, I just kept being perpetually disoriented, in an intriguing way.)


I made a proof of concept similar to this before. instead of moving the whole perspective you move the cursor (its not a game but you might find it interesting)

also how did you get the 360 to be seamless? (i used 4 cameras lol)

Since the 360 is already confusing for most people, maybe the guns being to the side is too confusing? also not sure what to do when youre left with the blue guys. also having infinite range is probably too strong


Cool concept, minimalist artwork is great but it's kinda hard to aim when both of your guns are aimed sideways.

It was very novel to play and the presentation is awesome.  I like this because it's the type of idea that would only ever be pursued in a game jam.  It has problems of course, and wow there's a reason no one has done 360fov before, but my knowledge on design is better for Argus existing :)

Glad to hear you got something out of the game (hopefully other than just motion sickness).

This was amazing! This game gave me a peak into the strange world of "how my brain learns things", on a whole other level than normal learning experiences. It would be too abstract to describe just like that, but i feel like this "mathematical experiment" has given me food for existential thought even.

I like how, even though i never got a good sence for the space around my character, i still learned some tactics for specific situations, that allowed me to play the game in a somewhat controlled fassion.

I have no clue on how you would make a bigger game out of this... to me the explorative existential joy of feeling my brain adapt to a "mode of being" that i had previously thought unimaginable is allready acchieved... 

Maybe if you share my "explorative existential joy", and understand the appeal, you could expand the game in a more artistic direction. Pursuing this "explorative existential joy", i could see you adding some text parts in between challenges, some of wich could have different natures, for example more fast and/or precise maneuvering. Maybe a different setting and art style.

Or just leave it like this. It was a great experience for me to play it anyways, and i think ill come back to it! Never got past the part where it's just a ton of those blue guys.

Thanks for all the feedback! Glad to hear that you liked it. But yeah we have no idea how to make it bigger but it seems like you've actually already got some ideas!

need a password for the fixed version.

Sorry about that! Should be fixed now.


An interesting idea and I really like the art style,  but it's hard to play.  

I only kept my eye on the left half of my screen, and it was a bit headache inducing. The game forces you into a defensive playstyle, and that would be fine if I could get a good idea where I'm going, because no matter which direction I want to go in, I get confused and walk into an enemy.

I think this concept could work better for some kind of abstract puzzle game like Portal or Antichamber.