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BTW, you can fall out of the map during the second section where the eye is moving around on dirt. If you press tab in the nightmare world right on the edge of the grey area in one spot while moving backwards, you'll fall through the wall that's there in the dream world and get below the map.

good game,very much potential

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very cool mechanic


i spawn on the void help me

am i supposed to be in darkness in the game? since it's showing that


i love it, the ending made me think i crash my computer

Wdym its the worse, I replayed the game because of it lol

this is a very cool concept and well executed! love it


I liked the idea of the game, and the way it was played, even if it wasn't obvious at first. For those who do not like to wait: sometimes you can shake the mouse to the sides.

Very cool )


Add some final scene. After attacking eye in regular environment the game just closes


i thought that was a great way to end it!

This looks really interesting, great concept. Sadly no PC. 

Cool game here's a speedrun

cool art! 


I fell through the ground :D

That is Awesome! The mechanic and the shader is freaking awesome. Well Done!

I see only void
is this gameplay?


nay, it is your destiny.

No, it's not supposed to look like that.  I just played through the game and there wasn't any total darkness anywhere.

to be honest it's problay ur gpu is shitty